I just came back from a 3 weeks holiday in Malaysia, being my first time on the asian continent, I was beyond excited to try all the food that I never had before. I was a bit apprehensive of the hygiene but It's honestly the cleanest country. You still have to be careful and look if the place is empty, if the cooking station is clean ect... but I'm sure you will be fine.I've listed below some of the places we went to, enjoy! 

Sarapan Pagi:

I could'nt talk about Malaysian food without mentioning the national dish traditionally served for breakfast, Nasi Lemak.              Nasi Lemak is served with various side dishes, including fresh cucumber slices, small fried anchovies (ikan bilis), roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, a protein dish such as ayam goreng (fried chicken) and a hot spicy sauce (sambal).

 We had the chance to have a nice little food court right in front of the place where we were staying and we kept going there every morning, we had Nasi Lemak at Faridah Qasrina and bought some snacks for the day at the next food stalls. 

03 Jalan Haji Hashim 50300 Kuala Lumpur (In front of the Setia Sky Residence)

Gurney Drive Hawker Centre :

One of Penang most popular food court, there's plenty of choice to satisfy any of your cravings. We were a group of people and everyone found what they wanted. I was getting a bit tired of asian food so I decided to go for some satay, I tried both malay & chinese, it wasn't the healthiest choice but there wasn't any chili or rice which was exactly what I needed.


It was close to our hotel, like any other food court in Malaysia, you have different food stalls with different type of food. We weren't feeling like having rice, chilli or a soup for breakfast so I went for a chicken Pau and the rest of the group had toasts with bacon and eggs. The Pau tastes sweet and meaty , the bun is very soft and tasteless (in a good way).

15 Lorong Leandro's, George Town, Penang